Crystal Report with Visual Studio 2019 and 64 bit windows Machine


We have many legacy applications which are working in combination with Crystal Reports and .Net Framework, I faced a problem while modified those solution on latest framework/machine and new versions of crystal report.
Below are some steps would help you to get the solution working

1. SAP registration 

Go to and create your account, if you already have login using credentials.

2. Download packages

Here you will be screen like below there we can select whatever is necessary for your solution. for me highlighted things worked like a charm.

First highlighted link is package for Visual studio, which will be useful to design crystal reports
Direct download link

Second link is Crystal Report runtime for 64 bit machine, it will be supporting runtime environment to extract reports.
Direct download link


These are simple steps to make your crystal report solution working, for server you may need only crystal report runtime to get your solution up and running. I hope you enjoyed learning. If you have any questions/feedback/issues, please write them in the comment box.
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